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Skischule Skiverleih Pitzer

Kulm 171
A-8972 Ramsau am Dachstein
Telefon: +43(0)3687 / 82508

Ski lessons for adults


Once more welcome to the ski school Sport Pitzer. We would like to invite you to enjoy skiing with us.
We are happy to put our experience at your disposal. Helpfullnes, friendlines, fairnes and flexibility are our trademarks.


skifahren1Ski lessons for adults

Lessons for all levels - from total beginner to high advanced

Learn the easy and gentle way.

Easy learning with special short skis(available at our rental shops)

Easy learning and without fear on our gentle practicing slopes.

Full  concentration on your exercises for you do not have to fight or survival.

Easy learning with help of our gentle and slow running ski school lifts.

Tip: in the afternoon the snow is often softer - very advantageous for beginners



CoolCoolCool skirasten We offer half day lesson  &  all day lessons

Half day lessons- antistress-Programme

2,5 hrs daily,  choose  1 - 5 day lesson units

these are the advantages of half day lessons:

more time for other activities

better utilisation of the lift-day or weekly tickets

more time for the family

Beginners choose between morning or afternoon

often the snow in the afternoon is softer - for beginners more comfortable


All day lessons - recommended for good intermediate & advanced skiers, for people touring the region,

4,5 hrs daily,  choose between 1 - 5 day lesson units


carven Carving, the new way of skiing – pure fun !!

Carving is part of all our ski lessons – from beginner to experts.

Carving means to turn the skis parallel and well on the edges.

Carving necessitates  accentuated knee/leg movements.

Beginner: gentle terrain, wedge turns, skis gradually parallel, basic carving turns

Intermediates: slightly steeper terrain, skis parallel while turning, skis well on the edges, carving in rhythem, longer turns, increased speed, pole plant

Experts: steep terrain, higher speed, skis firm on the edges, precise turns,  change of rhythm, accentuated leg/knee action, well timed and harmonized movements,

Extreme carver: steep terrain, very high speed, racing, bumpy terrain,  perfect knee/leg action, extreme flexible.

For special training we recommend private lessons !!!!!!


Heinz_ArnoldCoolCoolCool Private lessons - private tuition available any time !!!

For individual person or for small groups.

We offer private lessons for all wintersports.

Skiing  -  snowboard  -  nordic skiing/skating  -  snow walking (nordic walking on snow)

Just give us a call  !!!  Tel: 0043 (0) 3687 82508 or send a mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Individual and sole concentration on your skiing problems.

Relaxed exercising.



planaiSkiguiding with a local instructor/instructoress

with many technique tips.

Get to know the best and most beautiful runs of our giant ski region.
It is truely a fascinating experience !!!!!!

Cost: if there are 5 people and more we charge group rates   -   less people private rates.

Please book at least 1 day ahead. We advise to book a all day arrangement.

Tel: +43 (0) 3687 82508   Mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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